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   Computer, Electronics and Software-Buying Consultant

  • We Do All the Work for You So You Don't Have To
  • Shop, Compare Prices and Find the Best Deal – We Even Continue to Monitor the Sale Price for Two Weeks in Case the Item Goes on Sale for a Better Price
  • Purchase the Products, Which May Include the Computer, Printer, Monitor, Antivirus, Other Software, Keyboard and Mouse, External Drive, Flash Drive and DVDs
  • Note: Most People Are Not Aware That They Have to Make Their Own Recovery Discs 
  • Choose the Proper Antivirus for Your Computer Because They Do Not All Work the Same
  • Register Your Products, Fill Out the Rebates, Make Copies and Get Them Ready for Mailing
  • Professionally Tune Up the Computer by Getting Rid of Unwanted Software from the Registry So Pieces Are Not Left Behind – Turn Off Services and Programs Running in Startup
  • Note: Most Stores Cannot Remove a Trial Antivirus Fully from the Computer Because It Is Against Policy to Do So – They Also May Not Turn Off All Startup Programs and Schedulers That Can Be Turned Off
  • Install New Antivirus and All Other Software
  • Configure Antivirus to Work More Efficiently 
  • Transfer Data
  • Hook Up Devices Such as Router, Modem, Blackberry and Wireless Printer
  • Note: We Talk to the Service Providers, Making the Results Happen Quicker
  • Make Router Secure
  • Create Recovery Discs
  • Create Boot Disc
  • Train You How to Use Your New Toys

Full System Setup Without Consultant Services

  • Register Product, Fill Out the Rebates, Make Copies and Get Them Ready for Mailing
  • Install Updates
  • Full Removal of Trial Wares and Antivirus from the Registry Entries
  • Create Recovery Discs (DVDs)
  • Prepare Mail-In Rebates
  • Set Up on Location
  • Install Compatible Software
  • Install One Printer or Update Driver for Old Printer
  • Hook Up to Network or Install Network Devices
  • Clean Up Startup
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Recover to Factory Settings

System recovery removes Trojans, viruses, spyware and malware and corrects any system errors that have occurred. System restore is used to correct system errors and remove updates to the system and drivers. This feature recovers the system to a specific saved date and time. This is not a feature used to remove Trojans and other bugs.

  • Install Updates and Service Packs
  • Full Removal of Trial Ware and Antivirus Including the Registry Entries
  • Create Recovery Discs (DVDs)
  • Install Compatible Software
  • Install Motherboard Drivers
  • Data Backup and Transfer into Proper Locations
  • Set Up on Location
  • Hook Up One Printer and Find Updated Driver
  • Hook Up to Network and Secure Router
  • Reinstall or Transfer Antivirus and All Other Software
  • Clean Startup and Registry
  • Thirty-Minute Training on How to Use Your Operating System, Antivirus and E-Mail Service, If New
  • Note: We Can Only Install Drivers That Are Available
  • We Can Only Create Recovery Discs If the Software Is Provided Either by the Operating System or by Other Sources on the Computer
  • Imaging Is an Option
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  • Clean System Errors, Startup Programs, Unknown Schedulers and the Registry with Professional Registry Tools
  • Note: The Registry Should Only Be Cleaned by Professionals – Deleting the Wrong Keys Can Disable Programs and Even Cripple the Operating System


  • Note: All Training Is Geared Toward How You Learn and Your Level of Expertise
  • Seminars Are Held Monthly at Different Locations Every Month
  • Private Training Is Geared Toward the Individual Group's or Person's Needs to Minimize Brain Clutter from Unnecessary Information
  • Training in Microsoft Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook or OneNote – QuickBooks Training Is Also Available
  • How to Use Your New Computer More Efficiently and How to Understand the Environment So You Are in Control of the Computer Instead of It Being in Control of You

Remote Sessions

  • Remote into Your Computer and Troubleshoot Issues, Replace Drives, Correct Software Problems and More

Remote Maintenance Insurance

  • Remote into Your Computer on a Monthly Basis and Make Sure It Is Running Efficiently
  • Every Time a Download Is Installed, Sites Are Visited, Programs Hang and System Errors Pile Up, Entries Are Made into the Registry
  • Our Job Is to Check for Potential Problems While Monitoring the Health of Your Hardware
  • The First Two Remotes Take up to One and a Half Hours to Complete – After That, Remote Maintenance May Only Take up to 30 Minutes
  • This Insurance Gives You the Peace of Mind That Comes with Knowing That Someone Is Caring for Your Computer Every Month
  • Contracts Are on a Six-Month or 12-Month Basis, Meaning You Can Cancel After Six Months, If Necessary

Other Services

  • Install New Hardware
  • Find Drivers
  • Remove HD and Backup Data
  • Transfer Data Only (Includes Organizing the Data Properly – Price May Vary Depending on Amount of Data)