Computer Infections



Every infection needs an interaction. This is done by either clicking on the popup to close it, clicking on the link in the email, calling the number on the page, or trying to close the infected page.

Proper Reaction:

Instead of closing the popup refresh/reload the page by clicking on the .   If the popup keeps coming back than you need to make that choice is the page worth having to close the popup to see? There is no law stating for you to continue to that webpage you have to close that popup. So what do they want from you? Doesn’t clicking on the “X” mean you don’t want the popup? No it does not.

Full page infection: A full page infection is trying to scare you into closing the page, or calling an 800#. When this happens you still have control of your computer if you do not try to close the page, or refresh it, or call the number. Just click on the start button and shutdown.

After you turn the computer back on just clear your browsing history.
– IE click on tools and clear browsing history
– Mozilla click on history and clear history
– Chrome click on the 3 dots in the upper right  then hoover on history and click on history when it flies out to the left. Then click on “clear browsing history”, and click the dropdown and select the beginning of time, and select everything except password. NOW KEEP IN MIND EVEN IF YOU DON’T SELECT PASSWORD YOU WILL STILL NEED TO PUT IN YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD TO ALL THE SITES YOU SAVED IT IN. THIS METHOD IS CLEARING OUT THE INFECTION AND ALL COOKIES.