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Kaycee Smith Computer Angels BBB Business Review

Kaycee Smith Computer Angel

  1. Kaycee is very knowledgeable and easy to work with.

  2. Charlene Koenig says:

    Kaycee has been my computer expert for several years now. I have found her exceptionally personable and extremely knowledgeable! One day I called her with three different issues, and she cleared each up in a matter of minutes. I unquestionably highly recommend Kaycee for all computer needs (she even helped me select my new laptop!)
    She goes above and beyond any of my expectations := D

  3. Carol Balentine says:

    Kaycee is such an expert! She responds to our ‘distress calls’ in a timely manner and puts us at ease immediately. She assisted us in the choice of our new laptop and did a thorough cleaning and setup. She is a very patient teacher as well. She is definately a computer professional and is our “go to” angel.

  4. Gerrine Peckenpaugh says:

    Kaycee has been our “angel” for several years. As the electronic world gets more complicated, we need people with her expertise. She loves to solve problems and stays with our “glitches” until they are fixed. We just moved and she has been instrumental in restoring our computer system connections. We unknowingly moved to a “black hole” of electronics and she stayed with the problem until it was resolved. I can’t recommend her services enough. Her manner is very calm, patient and easy going so I’m never afraid to ask questions.

  5. Justin Howland, MD says:

    Kaycee has assisted me on many occasions and has always done a professional job. She is patient and knowledgeable, and I don’t plan to change to another computer expert.

  6. Melinda Van Sweden says:

    Kaycee is very helpful to me on our home computer as well as our company computers. We all appreciate her very much and it would be hard to keep our computers running and up to date without her help.

  7. Lynda Vee says:

    My tech support has been from Dell and AT&T and I have never had the problems really solved! Dell gave me a new hard drive, and KayCee found they did not remove all the old programs! AT&T techs would “fix things” and they never really were “fixed”. Because I “caught a bug” from a trustable email…..KayCee was recommended to me, I was so impressed with her knowledge and ability to fix the problems once and for all!!! She even found problems I did not know I had……my computer is now running smoothly and bug free!! My AT&T tech support contract is about to end and I plan on replacing AT&T with KayCee, she is 110% better than they are :-)

  8. Leslie and Jim Zauher says:

    We have found Kaycee to be more than helpfull. Always available, answers our calls and responds in more than an adequit time frame. RELIABLE is in caps to enfasize how appreciative we are of her excellent service and work.

  9. Stephanie Griffin says:

    Kaycee is an outstanding person in addition to being highly competent in computer repair. I enjoy time spent with Kaycee when she is working on my computer. She is honest and fair in her fees, quick to respond to a request for help and always has a very pleasant attitude. She is a professional! Her assistant, David set up my new Bose sound system and took the time to explain how to use it so I feel competent to use my new system. I feel very fortunate to have met Kaycee and have recommended her to others. Computer Angel is the precise name for Kaycee!

  10. Garnette Marquardt says:

    Kaycee did my annual cleanup, did an extra virus scan because of Trojan Horse notices and gave me several “how to with the key board tips”. The tips are great. Kaycee has always been professional and very helpful.

  11. Ruth Gagne says:

    KC is truly an angel and I am probably her biggest pain? Or “was”. I finally figured out alot of my problems and she just recently told me she was very proud of me because I listened to her suggestions. That made me feel good cause being complimented by someone so good at what she does, makes my day. I will add that the tech’s at ATT were useless and caused me nothing but troubles. They need to be replaced. I dumped them and took on KC.

  12. Jan Cropsey says:

    Kaycee is amazing. She resurrected my ailing computer and taught me skills to help keep my computer healthy. I was referred to her by a friend, and I am very glad she was sent my way. I will always call her when I need computer help, and I will always refer her to any of my friends and acquaintances who are looking for a computer person. She’s an awesome lady, and she really knows computers.

  13. Pat Liebert says:

    Kaycee makes me feel more confident in my computer. She does a clean up for me routinely so I know everything is OK and she is ALWAYS available by phone and ready and willing to help. Has even talked with my server regarding problems with their side. A regular bulldog when is comes to making things right.

  14. Claire Usry says:

    Kaycee is indeed an angel. She is very patient,, and never critical of my lack of knowledge in all things computer. I met her first as a friend and soon came to relie on her for her computer knowledge and skills. She doesn’t have any problem dealing with the many providers/servers, and gets to the bottom of what has gone wrong with equipment or what they may have done to cause a problem.

  15. Rich Alves says:

    Kaycee helped me threw a hard time after my computer had been hacked. She and her crew were very knowledgeable and efficient in getting my computer cleaned up, so I could get back to doing business. Her service didn’t stop there she also educated me on how to keep the computer safer. I will not be without her, or her monthly service. I just wish I would have found her years ago!

  16. Laurie Mitchell says:

    As a business woman for sixty years, and computerized for the last thirty
    years, I’ve had many occasions to require professional help for repair and
    maintenance of equipment. Recently I have been fortunate to acquire the
    services of Kaycee Smith, whose business name is Computer Angel.
    She is truly an angel in answer to my prayers to find someone who knows
    how to fix any problem in a quick and efficient manner, at a reasonable
    and fair price. I will recommend her services as long as I’m here.

  17. Susie Toroni says:

    Kaycee came out to our place and has enlightened us beyond words. Little did we know we were causing all the problems in our way of browsing the internet and not understanding our antivirus program. She gave us clear, complete instruction that has left us feeling like we can move on with the computer we have. We were ready to throw it out and start over, but that would have been a waste of money, instead she removed our viruses and she also brought Phone Man along who fixed our telephone lines and now our computer is working super. We know from now on, who were going to for computer help. She’s awesome. You don’t know until you know! Thanks so much, Susie Toroni

  18. Marsha Hutfliess says:

    “Computer Angel” was referred to me by a friend last evening.
    I called, and to my amazement she was able to come to my rescue today.
    The Angel spent 3 1/2 hours on my computer fixing numerous problems!!
    She was fantastic, pleasant, smart, personable, easy to talk to, etc. etc.
    Not only did she fix my problems…she also taught me several things I did not know about my computer, AND how to use it.
    It was definately a “serendipty” that she rang my doorbell today.
    Will certainly tell others of her wonderful service.

  19. Glen Ahmann says:

    Thanks for the class.