Phone Call Scams from Techs!

Did you get a call from someone masquerading as Microsoft, At&t, or another company? Click on the link below to report the call.

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The Dark Side of Free to Play Gaming

The article is by Mr. Chris Morris and was posted 02/08/2012

Chris gives reference to the following information that you can find at the following link:

The topics he discusses are of the following:
    • Free to Play and Pay to win games
    • The Disabled Features that are hidden from you
    • The Surprise that you have to pay something after all
    • The lack of customer service from a free games
    • What are Whales, and how they affect your game playing

The upside is that there is a place you can complain about the jerks in the play rooms and it is called “Jerk Central”

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Computer Hack Alert!

If someone calls you at your home phone claiming to be from some computer service. And claiming your computer is sending out a virus to their server and they are calling you to help you get rid of the virus. DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!!!

We went back and forth for awhile me trying to find out which computer and IP address he thinks is sending a virus. He even tried to tell me he was from Microsoft’s but anytime your computer sends an error report to Microsoft’s it includes the sending IP address and operating system which he couldn’t tell me.

Basically what they are trying to do, is get you to give them remote access to your computer. Then they can install spyware or steal what they need to steal your identity. Or use your computer for cyber attacks.

So just don’t give any remote access to your computer anyone unless you are 100% sure you know who they are.

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Take Note Of The Following Information

Do not click on popup to close them just push the back button on the internet page. If the popup does not go away then close clear the cookies and close the internet page. If it still does not go away then click on your start button – if Vista or W7 just start typing %temp% then hold down your Ctrl + A key this will select all, then push the delete key. You may have a few that will not delete just click skip. Now restart your computer.
Ads that are asking you if you want to try a free sample may produce a popup. I advice you not to click on ads advertising for a free sample. I have encountered multiple accounts being charged monthly fees because they asked for your card number to charge just a shipping fee. I you are courious of the free sample call the store. If they do not provide a phone number you do not need their product.
Multiple emails – I have found in many cases that when told that recepients are receiving multiple emails it has turned out to be because their firewall in the Antivirus has been answered wrong. Alls you need to do is go into the firewall and delete any occurances that have to do with your email software. If this does not take care of it then you may have an infection and call me right away.
Upgrading or Renewing your antivirus – Do not do this through the email. Do it only through the program itself or from your account with the program.
AT&T, Bank of America, Credit Card companies - I have seen many emails noting that your account has been compermissed  and they need you to confirm the information. Unless you have personall elected to have this protection executed I would not answer the emails or the phone calls. In fact I would ask for their phone number, call the company from a number off your statement and report the number that was given to you.
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